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1st Sep 2009 · · Link ·

Few updates to the site as it's a new month. You'll notice it's full width as I got fed up of the embedded videos being of random width and not fitting correctly.

Still a few tweaks to do but got side tracked over the Bank Holiday weekend where I was planning many more updates but got lots of requests to update Mac OS X screen savers to be compatible with Snow Leopard (which I must admit is a disappointing update from Apple no matter what the reviews say, I'm expecting a backlash).
Managed to get a half working iPhone version of the site though.

Going to be quite the month this one, not only does my eldest start school (Wow just wow) but I have to lose a certain amount of weight for a few strenuous activities coming up. That combined with many projects I have that I need to weed out the bad ones, so I think some upsets are coming this month, and I need to be a bit harder on the decisions I make.

Anyway I rant on for no reason.

Sucks to be me at the moment :(

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