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17th Sep 2009 · · Link ·

News that another X-Men movie is in the works, and rumour to be X-Men: First Class (I'm guessing they don't all take a first class trip). The wolverine movie was more of a 'chick flick' sic-fi in my opinion (tell me any woman who saw it and didn't like it). Lets hope a new one will be better.
Now I like award shows, they are always entertaining, I think it's because you often get actors doing something 'special'. One such award show I'm looking forward to is The 61st Emmy Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Genius, and go Jim Parsons.

Just before the list (it's been a slow week I'll warn you!) I just want to take a moment to polish my own trumpet and give it a dam hard blow :)
This month (September) so far I've had 7206 downloads of screensavers. Not bad really (not to mention 709772 hits this year).

On with the list.

The Future looks like it might be a bit closer :)

All Glory to the Hypnotoad

It's an illusion - I love and hate these as they give me an instant headache but I am fascinated by them.

Best Muppets Ever.

Time Travel top 10



You know it was a good crap when it smells so bad, Paul poo's at your house!

Finish on a song they say: Editors - Papillon

Well I'm off to apply for the Renault F1 Team Managing Director Job, I'm an honest person so I think I'm in with a good chance :)

BTW: Goshbustified - Excessively pleased and gratified

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