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24th Sep 2009 · · Link ·

Stuck Tic Tacs are a part of growing up, my youngest for example the other day had two tic-tacs stuck and as I was about to take the box off him and squeeze it he just as quickly banged the tic-tac into his other hand freeing the two stuck ones.
This led me into a brain cycle of learning, how kids learn things. Had he seen this done, had he figured out that was the best way, was it just instinct?

After a while I came to the conclusion that I think far too much about tic-tacs. And that I still get miffed when I buy a different flavoured tic-tac just to find out that the box is shaded different and they are still white.

1. Movies and their Shorts - A few interesting ones in this.

2. Anonymous - You may have seen the videos done by Anonymous against scientology. Well this wired article explains who they are.

3. EVERYONE enjoys the inspector gadget theme, I don't care who you are, it's catchy and always brings a smile (smile godddamit!). Well here it is On Bottles.

4. This is a good read (and for once all on one page and plenty of them) Controversial Magazine Covers

5. For all the people expecting a new arrival (that's most of the people I know).
If you like it then you need to put a nappy on it.

6. Edging ever so close (and I believe the playable demo is available today 24th September 2009) I just can't wait, so far one of the things I set out to do this year has been completed. Watch the new star Trek movie (Spock too much emotion is not right). The second is so close I can't wait (I'm getting obsessed with this game).
More Forza Motorsport 3 News & Previews

6.5. Wasn't going to add this but it is quite amusing:

7. Did you know Matthew McConaughey cannot stand up by himself.

8. This is just great. First I suggest you watch the second original video of the Microsoft Windows 7 Launch Party, and if you can take the horrific cringeworthyness try the remix.

9. I do believe I've found my next purchase:

10. The Veronicas - Untouched

Well i'm off for a bit of pushing on a string.

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