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1st Oct 2009 · · Link ·

Each week I tend to treat myself to some fast food, and usually it's a McDonalds (someone told me something about KFC that has put me off them).
So the other day whilst out in the car I pull into a McDonalds to get my meal of choice, give my details into the talking box and make my way around to the 'First Window'.

Pay the girl and am then stuck in the same position behind the cars in front.

next thing I hear is "I'm talking to you....".

"Me?" says I, "..sorry thought you was talking on your headset, what did you say.".

"I said I shouldn't work here as I find it difficult to calculate people's change.".

I fain a smile and reply "I' think I'd get bored, do you get to change roles through the day?".

"No, just this, if it's quiet I go and have a sit down, that's why sometimes it takes a while for the Intercom to work when people drive up to it".

Ah, I'm learning something now.

"Either that or I just steal food or drinks to eat".
She's possibly starting to tell me more information than she should.

"On really slow days I specifically short or over change people to see if they notice".

Alarm bells are now going off in my head. Not only is she bored in her job and a slacker but she also rips people off. And then it happened, she says:

"Fancy going out tonight?".

I dove forward. And didn't enjoy my food.

The List

10 Unanswered geeky plot holes

Skeleton Dog

Bad Drivers - I checked I'm not listed :)

Ever wonder about phrases people say, I do, and one such phrase I heard today appears to be untrue - Black Hole of Calcutta.

I knew it!!.

I'm sure I am the last to ever see this, but it just leaves me speechless, Retired.

I see Terry Jones has become a dad at the age of 67.
Good to see the old Python is still active.

Michael Bays Nightmare on Elm Street. Now I love the original movie and all the ideas behind it, but this might actually be quite good.
A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

Just to make me feel young for a second (it's my eldest's 5th Birthday Tomorrow):

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
by Nirvana

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