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8th Oct 2009 · · Link ·

Jumping right into it this week:

1. Certainly an interesting project: Star Wars Uncut
2. In my never ending efforts to look cool I've been thinking of a nice Bookshelf
3. I'm sure everyone is getting tired of this, but a fundamental part of being a human is pointing out other's mistakes. Movie Mistakes
4. Spectacular Wedding Theme Photos - !Genius
5. Careful who you pick on - Great quote from the article "The cage fighters were then seen teetering away in their high heels, stopping only to pick up a clutch bag they dropped during the melee.".
6. Quite High and more to the point the sound they make every time on entry into the water brings a tear to my eye.
Boat Lift Jumpin'

7. Ok first a warning, I'm not condoning this, but it is very interesting to see the reactions, the ones that are 'that is offensive I'm reporting you' are fair enough but the rude offensive swearing ones are actually quite shocking. NSFW Language and Racism and just about everything else language wise that could be deemed bad. Warned much?
Ok then, Halo 3 Criticism on GamerTag 'Jesus Died LOL'.
8. I've recently been in contact with various people to update my screensavers (i get emails all the time for things to add in), one such guy was quite interesting and after a few conversations it turns out he wrote the follow up to Jet Set Willy on the Spectrum. Not only that, but it's available on-line to play. Join The Jet Set. Now that takes me back.
9. Jokes (all stolen blatantly from )
Cheap guitar for sale, no strings attached
People may laugh at us, but it's not easy being a child in Norwich.
I've no idea what to get my brother for Fathers Day.
I bought my 7 year old nephew a 2000w spotlight for his birthday. He didnt seem too happy at first - then we plugged it in - how his little face lit up.
11. First This Which I thought was cool.
But properly lets have a bit of this from the Foos:

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