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29th Oct 2009 · · Link ·

As most people know me my mind can ping things into existence that are quite strange (try living with an over-active imagination, it can be a challenge).

One such thing this week is Pulp Fiction (The Movie). Why are those guys eating a burger for breakfast from Big Kahuna Burger when most burger places don't sell burgers until a specific time (let alone open). (Email Schlotts@opanoid.com if you have an explanation.
Other things that are popping into my head (and scaring me) are movies that are now officially 'old'. This is depressing and makes me feel like and old man.
The Abyss - 20 years old
Heathers - 20 years old
The Karate Kid - 25 years old
A Nightmare of Elm Street - 25 years old
Alien - 30 Years Old
Monty Python's Life of Brian - 30 Years old
Blazing Saddles - 35 Years Old
MASH - 39 Years Old
The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 24 Years Old

And the third thing was at a early morning meeting.
Whilst sitting their listen to people talk about their company I started to daydream into a scenario (which is common for me). I still here and take in what is being said but I imagine things happening or about to happen in and around the room. This time in came Special Forces smashing through all the windows at the same time and holding everyone at gun point.
Except me. No I had a bomb strapped to my ankle that had been put their by someone to kill everyone in the room, but someone in the room was responsible for this bomb hence the special forces holding them all at gun point (it was quite cool the entrance I can tell you).

Anyway Long scenario short I managed to torture the culprit until he told me the combination.

The guys presentation was quite good despite all these distractions.

(Number 1, Just Before 2)
Hot Dog

Yup, They Might Be Giants Again :)

(Number 2, Just After 1, But Before 3)
Stan Lee Interview

Number (3, Way After 1, Right After 2, But Before 4)
Black and White in Colour
Nicely done.

(Number 4, Way Way After 1, Way After 2, Right After 3, Just in Front of 5)
Upside Down Dogs

(Number 5, Can Hardly See 1, Way Way After 2, Way After 3, Right After 4, Just in Front of 6).
Dont look down
Yup, my legs went twice looking at these, worst one, the dog on the edge of the cliff strangely.

(Number 6, Can't See 1, Can Hardly See 2, Way Way After 3, Way After 4, Right After 5, Just in Front of 7)
If you don't laugh at this, your missing a part of your brain.

(Number 7, Where is 1, Can't See 2, Can Hardly See 3, Way Way After 4, Way After 5, Right After 6, Just in Front of 8)
Definition of pressure:
A wife, a mistress and a mortgage.
All one month late

Today my doctor told me I was constipated.
I couldn't give a sh1t.

I'm doing community service at a funfair but today I stole a wobbly mirror.
I just hope it doesn't reflect badly on me.

Why did the chicken hold a seance?

(Number 8, 1 Is a Gone, Where is 2, Can't See 3, Can Hardly See 4, Way Way After 5, Way After 6, Right After 7, Just in Front of 9)
Photo Manipulation. Some very nice professional stuff here.

(Number 9, Number 9, Number 9, Number9)
Music - This has widely been regarded as Claire's Favorite Song in the World Ever. Or the one that she seems to hear all the time on Radio 1 and Hates it, I forget which.

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