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17th Dec 2009 · · Link ·

Now I have kids I watch lots of cartoons with them, some old ones like Tom and Jerry have recently been updated and are actually very good (ignoring the movie where they speak, just not good).
Others like Spongebob are genius and of course you have the Simpsons that capture the kids and also give me a giggle.
And then of course you can go back a bit and relive Dangermouse in all it's glory. Maybe with a bigger budget and more foresight they may have produced it for other countries with different initials on his chest.

Morgan Freeman Timeline.

Found Him - Apparently when this was posted on someone put out a message that his father worked for a studio that wanted to high the kid for promotion work.

I know it's starting to get old, but this photo did make me laugh, mainly because if you look closely EVERYONE in the photo is laughing. Tiger's Expense

Not sure why, but this makes me happy

Ouch - Nice leg kick.

It Rubs The Lotion on It's Skin

Armstrong & Miller Show - Genius - If you don't find this funny then your a wrung un'

Fantastic Bubbles

Killing In the Name Of - Had to really :)

Well I'm now off to panic about getting things done before Christmas and drop more hints about F1 game for the Wii.

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