The Change

20th Dec 2009 · · Link ·

Well it is near to the end of the year, and it is usually about this time of year I go over the site and think to myself 'what was I thinking' with certain aspects of what I coded (coded used very lightly in terms of php, css and html).

Anyhoo though I'd give the site an update, I never did like the previous layout, originally I thought it worked better with embedded videos being larger and being able to cope, but the site just looked messy.

This time it's a bit more structured (at least that's the idea).

Optimisation aside (much to do!) the site seems to work, so please be patient with any mess ups and let me know Email me.

The site is lighter on css but uses a few small graphics this time, in terms of overheads I think they are less, the database pull ins however are still processor intensive but I will be working on that.
In fact I have promised myself that I won't get the 'Recent Activity' working live until I have optimised the rest of the code.

Specific new sections are for the ScreenSavers and that will be changing somewhat so I can work on that separately.

Merry Christmas, or Happy break depending on your religious view to everyone.


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