5 and 5 Top Screensavers and Posts of 2009

23rd Dec 2009 · · Link ·

Technically it's not the end of 2009 yet, but I can't see a mad rush for anything between now and then so thought I'd post it now as I'm winding down from work (with a Hangover, ouch).

Top 5 Screen Saver Downloads for this year.
1. What Happened To V2.1 Mac ScreenSaver
2. Mac Screensaver Time Zones V1.2
3. RetroX Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Screen Saver
4. Tetris Shapes Mac OS X Screen Saver
5. The Merge V1.0 Mac OS X Screensaver

Top 5 Posts For this year, the first one was a fluke, just happened across it before it became public knowledge :)

1. Madonna New Album Cover?
2. Jumping List Thursday
3. No Time Thursday List
4. Suckered In Thursday List
5. Hayfever Friday list

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5 and 5 Top Screensavers and Posts of 2009
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