The Scroller Screensaver Snow Leopard

2nd Feb 2010 · · Link ·

This screensaver came about as I needed to work with textures in opengl and more importantly a way of creating text.

Rather than use pre-created graphics for the text I wanted to create the 'font' from drawing each character then making it a texture for use in OpenGL. This keeps the screensaver size down to a minimum.
It then reads in the text from an array, breaks down the individual letters figures out the spacing (the part i was interested in) then draws it on a scrolling pattern.
As the text gets further away the colour is faded to give the illusion of it disappearing. It is then no longer drawn.

The screensaver is by no means finished, and I may never get around to finishing it (I figured out what was required, I sort of lost interest then!).
One warning for this is the screensaver is particularly processor intensive (at least it is on m MacBook Pro) and has in fact resulted in it overheating and my battery warping (to the point I have had to remove it).

Someone mind find it nice, so i've put it available.
If I get around to it I'll make it look a bit more faithful to the proper scrolling text.

The Scroller Download 53KB (Unzipped size 193KB)

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The Scroller Screensaver Snow Leopard
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