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11th Feb 2010 · · Link ·

Earlier was on my way home after a meeting to find the particular Duel Carriageway of my choice was traffic jammed.
Not to matter, not a long road, not long to wait. So I edge forward ever so slowly until the scene of the accident is in view.
Nasty one, front of a Rover ripped off by a very large lorry carrying metal.

The idiot in front of me was gawking so much at the accident that he failed to notice the traffic in front had stopped due to an Island and promptly drove into the car in front.

A police officer attending the scene of the accident looked over got the drivers attention and did the 'Dick Head' sign.

All the cars around stopped moving, mainly due to the laughter :)

Banned Valentines
This is nuts

New Toystory 3 Trailer

New Silverstone Layout
It comes to something when my first thought is my racing games won't be right because of the New Silverstone layout

Looking forward to them, but all the preview articles are rubbish, this is about the best one:
Stories To Watch out for at the Olympics
Quite looking forward to it, but then I am using it as 'filler' before the F1 starts.

How Embarrassing
Nearly as bad as a Klingon Arch at your wedding, ahem.

Paper Toys

What to do on the internet
A few ideas

Muppets Internet
Just makes you realise how awesome the muppets actually are:


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