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19th Apr 2010 · · Link ·

Sooooo then. Holiday in US, it's been a busy one, since being in the US I/we have done:
Magic Kingdom (Twice)
Epcot Centre
Sea World
Acquatica (Water park)
Hollywood Studios
Animal Kingdom
Universal Studios (Simpsons Ride is very cool, and we managed to get our youngest under 40 inches onto it)

Congo River Golf Adventure (Crazy Golf)
Old Town Car Rally
Applebees Restaurant
Red Lobster
Wall Mart (about 20 times)
Florida Mall (with Apple Store)
Logon's Steakhouse (so cool, you get free peanuts and throw the peanut shells on the floor, it's really quite strange knee deep in peanut shells, myself and my father ended up throwing them at each other a lot).
Read a book about Google (I know, bus man's holiday).

It was all going so well.
Problem is our flights have been put back 8 days, and rather than 1 connecting flight we now have two (one in Amsterdam!).

"What a great place to be stranded" I hear you say.
Well yes and no, yes because it's hot, sunny and we have a pool and are in the middle of what can only be described as the best place to be stranded for a tourist.

Not because we are being fleeced by the village owners to pay as well as the car higher company and 12 of us are now going to be living in one house. Big Brother eat your heart out!

Not to mention the deadlines I need to meet with a few websites and the fact that my birthday might be spent either in the air or in an airport.

I'm thinking of popping to the Apple store again to re-think my iPad position (I was going to wait for the next generation).

I wasn't going to post any lists but I decided I needed a break to take my mind of family, kids, parents, well you get the idea: Listy Poodles Time.

Very Impressive 3D Artworks.

Parking Ticket


These no doubt will have mainly been seen before, but 1, they are funny and 2, the Sewer Horse always cracks me up.

I'm currently reading a book on goolge about how fantastic they are, but reading between the lines it shows how they slowly changinged to make shed loads of cash without upsetting people.
I think Microsoft could do with using Google's PR people for the sweatshops.

This creased me, a guy reported to his friend that he had managed to get an early copy of Photoshop CS5 and that he would send the disk to his friend so he could try it out. Genius.
CS5 Has caused me a massive problem on holiday as my fall back position for doing work is to download a demo copy of the software to use on trial for 30 days. Problem is Adobe have stopped all demo's for now, not even allowing me to go back to CS4. Buggers.

Best Protest Ever

Crazy Comedy Casting

It comes down to this in the end: Android vs iPhone

Timberland Featuring Justin Timberlake

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