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23rd Apr 2010 · · Link ·

Not sure we have anything left to do in Orlando now, done just about everything.
Best thing to happen on this extended stay was yesterday in Epcot. We visited the Mexico Country and went on the ride, in the shop area was a wishing well and our two boys wanted to make a wish.
Eldest (5) goes first and throws in his coin, wishes for a Greyhound Puppy, makes mommy very proud, almost bringing a tear to her eye methinks (I'd have noticed but I was to busy trying on a giant sombrero hat).

Youngest (4) goes next and throws the coin, his wish, well "To pooh his pants everyday".

They really are both very different children.

Before the List a Warning:
If you get the chance to go to Florida, Orland and the Disney Attractions, give Typhoon Lagoon a miss, it's possibly the most dangerous water park in the world, many an injury was brought back, including a scraped foot that wore down the toe nail right the way through. A nearly broken big toe with blood, scraped arse cheek, scraped leg, scratched knee and cut side of foot.

Now a list:

I didn't believe this at first, but apparently it's true.
Michigan left
PS I love driving in America, it is actually better than in the UK.

If men wrote Hallmark Cards

And I bring forth the CarStache.

Best Yo Momma Joke Ever.

BoobQuake, really not what your expecting if your into gaming and boobs.

Roberto Carlos The Impossible Goal


My girlfriend loves me wearing her panties.
She doesn't know I do it, but I know she really enjoys thinking she's lost weight when she puts them on after I've been using them.

Make it look like you have an iPad by drawing the internet onto an Etch-a-Sketch.

TEACHER: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?
HAROLD: A teacher

Told a volcano joke down the pub last night...The whole place erupted...

I cant hang around any longer, I have a birthday to get disappointed about.

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