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30th Apr 2010 · · Link ·

So it was nearing the end of the holiday and I decided to get a hair cut (it was down to my shoulders after all).

Whilst driving around I'd noticed a few so I headed off the one morn before going to sea world again.
In I wonder through he first room (seemed to be a paying room only) to then walk into a room of about 14 Hispanics some getting hair and some waiting.

Everyone stopped, including the guys cutting hair, everyone looked and stared at me.
I went into panic mode. Should I leave and go someone else, yes yes I should.

What I'd did however was sit down on the seat right next to he exit and just panic.
The barbers carried on cutting but he rest of the patrons joust stared. This was either because they hadn't seen a tourist before,or because they hadn't seen a tourist in this barbers before (and I can believe it)

Not wanted to make eye contact I started to look at the walls, all covered with TPac and DMX posters. I'm no expert but it seemed gang affiliate, but by this time my mind had started to wonder uncontrollably.

Worried I was starting to panic myself I just settled with looking at the floor and previous guests hair. And oaf course the 5 cockroaches playing around in the hair.

This was not going well. Luckily my time cockroach counting was shirt as it was soon to be my go.
I knew it was my turn as one of the barriers went out to the front of the shop to see off a patron. On his way back he punched my arm and gestured towards the back of the room.

Nothing was said in the net 45 minute hair cut. I faintly asked short but not to short on top. This was either not understood or ignored.

I couldn't understand what anyone else said, other than make out swear words. For all I knew they we're planning my demise.

The frightening part of this whole experience was it was my first hair cut without scissors. Cut throat razor and sneers was all that was used, and it took 45 minutes (fucking perfect though).

It was the most worrying experience of my life.
Only cost 12 bucks though
I'm now bald however and was thus named Sargent Major for our remaining days.

Mini-List this week as I'm having trouble concentrating (not enough sleep).

Well I didn't think I needed this but after looking at it it's taken up far too much of my time.
You know, that guy in that movie....
This list fascinated me, mainly because I started to play 'guess the movie he's from' before clicking on the links (which takes you to IMDB). This guy, i'm proud to say, I got first time :)

Pimp my Gator

Nice - (if you don't get this then look at the tinternet more often dumb ass)


I thought I had good Balance but this is very impressive.

I'm sure I've put this on before (maybe when she just started out), but it's a nice melodic beautiful song so, Marina and the Diamonds - I am not a robot.

Might as well pad this out with a few jokes:

I'm absolutely knackered from my French self-defence class last night.
I've never run so far in all my life.

How many bigots does it take to change a lightbulb?
No idea, she's too busy changing the outcome of the election.

I can't see an end.
I have no control and I don't think there's any escape - I don't even have a home anymore.
Definitely time for a new keyboard.

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