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14th May 2010 · · Link ·

Sooooo, last night I was working late to get a web site complete for a meeting this morning, thankfully I'm not in the meeting, but it was quite pitch so wanted to make sure it was all correct. Finally got it finished at just before 1 am and treated myself to a quick game of Portal before going to bed. (Portal is awesome btw, and only just up to level 13 on what seems the training levels, Portal Funny (Might only get this if you've played Portal)).
Now currently I'm very busy, too much to do, not enough of me and certainly not enough time so I need a bit of luck and things to all run in my direction for a change.
Last night a tw*t drove into the telegraph pole outside our house knocking it down and pulling the phone cables out of the house. I now have no broadband.

Anyway, enough of me and my panic. Onto far more important things. We see all these new messages lately about 'Secretary Day', 'Pirates Day', 'Second Cousin Twice Removed Day' and I've decided to create a new one, but rather than a day, a week.

So I propose, starting Monday, every year the Third Full Week of May will be known as:
"Drop the 'L' out of 'Please' Week.

So starting Monday it needs to be pronounced Pease, and written Pease just for the week.

I know what your thinking "Wow he's a genius, how did he come up with that'. Well, I'm just an ordinary man, doing ordinary things trying to get on in his ordinary life, WITH NO FU*!ING BROADBAND AT HOME.

Overlord List
I'm sure this has been seen by everyone and everyone's dog, but it's still amusing to me.

Space Invaders
Yes we have all played it and yes this is an easy version. But what is impressive is this is done in HTML 5, so if it's not working for you you need to update your browser, or use a better one.
What this really shows is a browser that needs no plugins. Who needs flash :)

Now, this image
Has been doing the rounds on the net. Most people have stolen it and included it on their blog or whatever with notes like, ass hole, idiot etc.

Thing is, what if the driver is in an emergency situation, or that he legitimately was in the wrong lane, or he just changed his mind (it's not illegal).

Who cares, this happens everyday and everyday I see people cut down the side of me and pull in nearer to the front of the cue saving having to cue for 20 minutes until getting to the front.
Now to me that's fine, I don't want to cue because I'm not in a rush, when I am in a rush I'll be going down the side and cutting in the front. People not letting them in or hurling abuse is just stupid, they'll get in eventually anyway (and already further up the cue). All you've managed to do is raise your blood pressure and shout at someone for doing something that is not specifically against the law, but in fact when you think about it logical.

Sew that\'s how they work - Did you see what I did :)

My Inbox (I wish)

The Right Moment (number 3 workth it for Number 3).

Speckle Queen
She's started to be known as the speckle queen apparently, I think she looked better before all the surgery.

Stornoway - Zorbing
Frankly this is just a great song.

Thank You, I'm off to find my 3G USB Stick.

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