9 Years Thursday List

27th May 2010 · · Link ·

Today is an interesting day, first off it's my wedding Anniversary, which is sort of being put on hold until Saturday (kids going off with grand parents for a few days).
Secondly it's my first every Sports Day for my eldest. And in this is a slight problem, you see he thinks he is going to win everything and I'm not so sure.

I wasn't bad at sports at school, some things I was very good (throwing a ball for example was something I mastered early on and once broke a kids leg playing cricket and bowling the ball at him, I didn't like him).

As it gets nearer to the event I'm not sure who is more nervous, me or Carter.
At least I havn't taken him into the back garden to throw Cricket Balls at him to get used to the ball like I had to do.

Best Lost Ending Idea - I Have seen.

Neurofibromatosis - Nasty

Back to the Future Attention to Detail - Amazing.

Eeerie Graffiti

Geek Alphabet

Lost prequels and sequels anyone.

Hell No Madonna (anyone know if this is real?)

Motivational - Warning, Sexiest, nuddity and nsfw.

Series 4 of IT Crowd soon with a fifth series being green lit as well, yay :)
So in celebration, Turn it Off and On (If you don't laugh etc etc) and also: Bloopers.

Two bits of music for the price of the 1 this week:
First Something New:
David Guetta & Chris Willis ft Fergie & LMFAO - Gettin' Over You

Second Something Old
Stereophonics - The Baartender and the Thief

Jokes, I need them:

My toliet is always getting blocked,
It's shit.

I hear the gay channel have dropped the soap awards tonight

I was once cast as Oliver in a silent interpretation of Oliver Twist.
It was brilliant, I couldn't ask for more.

As a child, Sarah Jessica Parker suffered from dehydration.
Her mum could only lead her to the water, not make her drink it.

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