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11th Jun 2010 · · Link ·

So I'm off to Weatherspoons with a friend for a quick bit to eat yesterday.
We sit down decide what we want and I get up to go and purchase said food items at the bar.

Now Weatherspoons is a pub, so some people just walk right up to the bar and wait to be served, others start to form a queue. This is a Weatherspoons problem, and they should address it.

I start to queue as I find one already in progress as I walk up, then the two girls in front start to moan between each other that two OAP's have walked right up to the bar. feeling really hungry my chances of being fed quickly soon start to go up in smoke.
So I act.

I walk to the OAP's and tell them "Their is a queue I'm afraid would you mind going to the back".
And just as the old man was about to say something I turn around completely ignoring him and address the first lady in the queue to say, "Why don't you go to the end and stand behind that gentlemen" then addressing the second lady "you can go behind the next guy, I'll go behind this guy and then these two {motioning behind me to the OAP's I had told to go to the back} won't have as big a queue to wait in".

Everyone looks quite surprised at my logic (to be honest so was I) and moves around accordingly into their allotted spaces and nothing else is said.

The second I go behind my guy he is server and I'm at the front.
Everyone else had to wait, but still they got served fairly promptly.

I'm thinking of applying for a job for Weatherspoons Queue Controller.

It's the Listy Wisty Woo.

Paintings converted to 3D

This is actually an advert, best advert ever.


Pencil Art - Need to read the description a bit down to get a full idea of how amazing these are.

Good Point

RSS Reeder (And they say Flash is dead).

The last www.b3ta.com question of the week was 'Caught'. It's all funny reading, but in particular this made me spit my Latte all over my keyboard, First Year in Uni

Yeeeeee Har!

Black Eyed Peas - Tighten Up

Well it's interesting if nothing else:
Rik Mayall's Noble England

Well I'm off to look forward to a weekend of working but with actual breaks of Football and Formula 1 in between. :)

Piracy is killing the music industry.
You try playing the guitar with a hook.

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