The Longest Day List

21st Jun 2010 · · Link ·

Today is the Longest Day. It has lots of spiritual significance all revolving around our amazement at the Sun.

Problem is I'm not a Sun person, I suffer from Hayfever and yesterday whilst mowing the grass (something that turns into punishment for someone with hayfever) I had to stop half way through and throw up. This scared the hell out of my kids who thought daddies insides were coming out.

I then had to reassure them I was ok (with streaming bloodshot eyes and burst blood vessels around them and vomit hanging off my lower lip) and it was just the grass.

This had the opposite affect, they then looked at the grass and jumped off it onto the slabs.

"No No" I explain that it's only certain people suffer from Hay fever, and sometimes they just sneeze.

This led to more questions, that led to more questions that led to more questions, why, how, when, what, if, death and finally pooh pants (all our conversations seem to end up talking about Pooh or indeed Pooh Pants, kids eh.).

In the end I gave up and started up the mower to drown out the little cherubs voices. But a wedding was taking place at the same time (we live right next to a church).
So as everyone was happily waving off the bride and groom and walking back to the car they got to see me, looking like hell, with puke down my front, eyes streaming, nose running and still coughing from choking on pollen with two kids shouting questions at me whilst i'm ignoring them seemingly crying at the thought of having to mow my grass.

Anyway, I celebrate today, as this means we are at the longest day so from now on days get shorter and it's only a matter of time until Winter is upon us.
I hate the Sun.

Pay attention now, we have a lot to go through.

Going to start with the Music this week, only because this song is great.

(No idea if that is the proper video for the song, but it's a good version of the song so meh).

Tall Poppy Syndronme

So busy stealing a spanner......

Clever Idea - Video where each frame is drawn and submitted.


Logos and Hidden Meanings - Posted one like this before but a few more in this one.

Sand and Stick - Very impressive. As one of the comments says, how much time does this guy have.

Quick Snap - Apparently this is a camera setup by someone who then rushed to get in the photo. Oh dear.

Natalie Portman - If this is taken down please email me, it's difficult to get hold of (Email.

Whilst reading a few online interviews with famouse people and voice actors I came across this guy Phil LaMarr, he's the guy who got shot in the face in Pulp Fiction. I found him whilst reading an interview with Maurice Lamarche Gif From Futurama.

Not having a good day, week, month, year, life. This might lift you. (I'm surprised nobody has synced in the Greased Lighting Sound Track to this).

National Jump Rope Championship - This is very impressive.

England vs USA in Lego.
This makes me ache with how long it must have taken to do. Bet they don't do one for the last game, or maybe just show a picture of a pile of sh1t.

Well, i'm off to blow my nose.

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