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6th Jul 2010 · · Link ·

I recently did a show in London, good show, things went well, except one thing.
Mobile Coverage.
It was awful, and knowing a couple of guys who work in the industry I asked them why, turns out that mobile 'towers' are only designed to handle something in the region of 100 cell phones, others get dropped on a random basis.
So an exhibition with an average of 3 people a stand and people walking around just resulted in no phone connections, but Full 3G bars on your phone.

Blowing on my Vuvuzela

See Jon, told you i'd post it eventually :)

Impossible is nothing

Nice dirt much better than Wash me

Catchy and freaky

You suck at parking

Wow, and street legal (applying for motorbike license as I type this)


Danimal vs Animal

ooh, free shipping

Well they are back have a game to celebrate that fact.
"I came here to drink milk and kick arse and I've just finished my milk."

I can't stand those interfering people who bang on your door and tell you how you need to be "saved" or you'll "burn"?
Bloody Firemen.

My mate asked me if I saw the England goal.
Unfortunately I missed it, I was too busy refereeing the match.

I just want to congratulate the Viagra pharmaceutical company for selling over one million tablets last month.
Keep it up lads !

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