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13th Aug 2010 · · Link ·

Absolutely no mention of Friday 13th unfortuantely as it's usually a very lucky day for me :)

Anyhoo paying for some items at a well known brand store the other day (Tesco, why I didn't say tesco I don't know) and after paying I turned around with my goods making my way out the store past the long cue.

A lady on my left cueing did the BIGGEST yawn I have ever seen and I was so tempted to pop my finger in her mouth except common decency stepped in.

Bloke in front of her at the cue didn't think that and promptly flicked (and I mean flicked) her top front teeth. Quite the echo was heard and her, the bloke and me just burst out laughing.

Glad she saw the funny side.

aur abh iss list mein (And now for the list)

Telephone - The Office Version
Perfectly done, and very well done lyrics. "Micro Managing Man Whore"

I.E. and how to use it.

I really am awful at the Phonetic Alphabet and as such to hide my ignorance I make up odd things for the letters.
For example when recently giving my postcode out to a bank I gave
"D for Dirty Girl Y for Yo Momma".
I had to stop after 4 others as the girl on the phone was laughing so much.

The Great Giana Sisters

Hills Have Eyes

Certainly going to think about possibly maybe having a go at this for the next thing I have to wrap. Very cool.

The Rings - This touched a nerve with me for some reason.

With and Without Flash

When it loads, this is quite amusing, nice way to 'remove' evidence:

And finally Spoiled Photos (Yes again, I like them).
Like the Hugh Laurie one and the Bird head ones creep me out a bit.

Super Free Bonus Jokes:
I think my wife suffers from that photosensitive epilepsy.
I took a picture of her while she was having a shower, she had a fit.

Saw a really bright star tonight. My wife said it was called the Dog Star. I thought "can't be Sirius".

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