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Afternoon all, Jesus tees off first hitting his ball straight into the water hazard. He simply walks across the water and hits his ball just short of the green. When Moses tees off, he hits his ball into the same water hazard. So, he parts the water and puts his golf ball just shy of the hole. As the old man tees off he hits his ball with tremendous power, but hooks it badly. It bounces off a tree and hits the caddy shack. It then rolls down a path to a pond where a frog eats the ball and swims to the other side of the pond. Suddenly an eagle swoops down and grabs the frog and flies off. As the eagle is flying over the green the frog drops the ball. The ball drops directly into the hole for a hole in one. Moses turns to Jesus and says "I hate playing golf with your Dad."

As the world quickly scrambles to change their FaceBook Profiles to disable Location settings I bring you the List:


Think Shes a Keeper

Remember kids, always Tip Your Midwife - ?!?!

YoYo Champ - And rightly so

Thanks to Kev for this one, Missy - Genius, I've sent this to 3 designers, they all rang me within 10 minutes laughing.

From the 'How to talk to the geeks about things and not have them laugh at you' Section: HTML5 and what it's all about

Katy B - On a Mission

Drivin' Fast.
Almost a quarter of drivers think it is acceptable to speed if they think the limit is too low - Tick that's me.
Drivers still distinguish between 'ordinary, safe speeding drivers' and 'dangerous speeding drivers' - Tick That's me too.
Motorists caught racing through motorway roadworks ended up being hit by more than 5m worth of speeding tickets last year. - Not been done on this, thankfully.
Of all the speeding offences 90+% are fixed penally notices. - Tick, got done by this.

Thought of the week.
Apple is very closed, they are right, everyone else is wrong (suppliers). However it was noted on a website that Apple have sent an update out for OS X that fixes graphics issues.
This is pretty much due in part to Valve releasing games for the Mac. It's further rumoured that the uptake of the games is astronomical.
Nothing Like a shit load of money to make Apple stand to attention.

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