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16th Sep 2010 · · Link ·

Two things.

Thing the first:

So I was late yesterday for a breakfast meeting.
I hate being late. It throws me out for the entire day.
I realised I was late and ran around the house getting dressed washed, the usual and went to the car. Not mine because I'm waiting for a tax disc to arrive.
Problem is I forgot it wasn't my car so, stupidly I rushed to my meeting thinking i'm in my car, not a giant tank of a Kia Sedona.

This became very apparent when I broadsided it at the first Island I came to. I slowed down after that, but not until the guy behind, who was obviously annoyed at my stupid driving overtook me on a single lane blind bend just to beep his horn and flick me the bird whilst passing.

I had to slow down quite considerably to let him in just before an oncoming vehicle hit him. I couldn't complain really.

Thing the second:

Last week I happened to be on the road quite a bit, not unusual but generally I try and keep my traveling down so I can actually get work done.

However this was odd, I managed to get stuck behind 4 different hearses (sp?) throughout the day, maybe it was a sign.
Makes you think (mainly about how and I going to get past the hearse).

List(ing forward) of the week.

This is an Ikea Advert, 100 cats are released into an ikea store and filmed.
This is odd, because lots of people will say, what's the point, why, etc, I personally think this is genius, I'm not quite sure why yet, I can't explain it, but I do for some reason think this is genius.

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Stormtroopers day off 2

We are good at something

Funny Dog
If this doesn't make you smile you may be dead.

Spielberg Box Office
Via: Personal Loans

Ah Jasper, You were good (even though this wasn't his song)

But my fave was always Dave Allen:

and a bonus one of an easier time Dave Allen on Banks

Songs of the week:
Mark Ronson and the Bussines International - The Bike Song
(Sorry they won't let me embed, tossers).

Ting Tings - Hands
(again tossers don't allow embed).

Well i'm off to find somewhere else to live 'cuss our house smells of dog.

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