RetroX Mac OS X Screensaver

11th Oct 2010 · · Link ·

Well nobody asked for it (well someone did, thanks Brian) so here is an updated version of the RetroX screen saver with a few fixes in it.

Youtube Video of the screen saver below:

Download it here - Weighs in at 45KB.

Compiled on 10.6.4 but I'm pretty sure it will work on versions 10.6 onwards (and possibly before, i've lost track of when things need re-compiling to be honest, let me know).

For Those interested the icons on the saver are:

Pacman Ghosts
Space Invaders Icons
Jet Set Willy
Chuckie Egg Man
Galaga Ship

I think that's right anyway.

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RetroX Mac OS X Screensaver
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