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22nd Dec 2010 · · Link ·

Well at least I don't have Swine Flu :)
I know this because of the symptoms and I don't have a sore throat and I've been throwing up just over a 24 hour period (something that doesn't apparently happen with Swine Flu).

You'd think I would be relieved, but frankly I'm slightly more worried. I've never been so on fire (to the touch apparently) and yet been shivering with cold quite like it before.

But all better now (at least on the way).

Personally I think it's when I fell over in the snow with nobody around (and no I didn't make a noise) and banged my head.

Anyway, the pre-christmas list (unless I can be bothered to do another one).

Hope you all get what you want, unless you don't deserve it then you don't, or if your a bit naughty you get some of it (the stuff you don't really want) or you've been inadvertently bad due to someone else leading you on then you get the good parts of everything you wanted. If your unsure then choose the best thing you should have gotten and send it to me. Email me for destination details.

And don't forget to Track Santa.
And remember the Santa's Sleigh Science



Sweet Christmas Tree.
Suggest Chrome or Safari, Firefox and IE seem a bit sloooow.
This is entirely coded in 1K of javascript for the geeks reading this.

The World In Pictures
Warning, some are shocking, all are beautiful.
Personally my fav is number 21, the bike race (not on first set, have to go to bottom and click on part 2).

Body Movin' Santa

This is very geeky in a way, but it's also quite fascinating.
The ascent of a shuttle launch in slow motion with commentary explaining what is going on. It's very long, but good (if you like this sort of thing).

Small Penis Rule

Lego recreations of scenes

One Way Rant

Hidden Characters

I'd liked to have shown the video for the new number on here in the UK, but the idiots won't allow it to be embedded. So, here is the original by Biffy Clyro instead.

And to finish it all off, Little Prick

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