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28th Apr 2011 · · Link ·

Best question ever (and more importantly best answer)
Why do Steven Seagal films go straight to dvd?

Best lego contraption ever

Actually thinking of having something in my office that is lego automated or electric eels to power the place

I managed to miss this series, but this is just genius.

If these are still up, then:

Not Actual Size - Sigh.

The Lord. Question of the Week this week is 'World of Random'.
And this just made me laugh Not random enough I fear.

Arctic Monkeys
Don't sit down 'cause i've moved your chair.

Crap video, good song.

Wish I had this talent.

Ha ha ha

Some yob attacked me down the local park tonight with a bat.
I was really impressed at how well he'd trained it.

I was at my mate's stag night yesterday, when him and his brother handed me a glass full of yellow, lukewarm liquid.
"Drink it" they said giggling. It was only when I smelt it that I realised the prank the bastards were trying to pull.

I've just started a band called 999 Megabytes.
We haven't done a gig yet.

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