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28th Nov 2011 · · Link ·

Opanoid List

I'm not sure why, but I've entered my own number in my phone as Lord Niblet the Third.
Other than that since my last post I've noted these few things:
1. Pixie Lott is very nice.
2. Dynamo is very very thin (and surrounded by a lot of people).
3. Leona lewis is somewhat invisible.
4. When someone announces that ' from the Sugarbabes' is about to perform it makes you relialise that they have had lots of members.
5. Getting up early to setup an event for a time schedule is in fact a pile of shit when the event organisers are just trying to get you their early for no reason whatsovever.
6. Donkeys really really don't like you carrying large red boxes passed them (it went nuts to the point I had to run off with my box whilst other people came to the aid of the Donkey). Sorry about that Donkey.

Enough of me, onwards to the List

Very nice (I want one, both bike and camera).

Beats the Disney Commercial, sniff.

If you have Google Chrome, try this

The earth is Awesome

Bohemian Rhapsody - Warning this may cause nightmares.

Your IP Address NSFW

Never bothered me, but must admit this one is a bit freaky.

Different Labs

Arthur Recreates - Sooo cute.

Now this is a bit freaky (but as it's just still about Movember I thought I'd link it).
Ann Hathway is just not right at all
Sexy Women with Mustaches

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