The Late Late December List (in January)

11th Jan 2012 · · Link ·

Another year over and a new one to begin.
I for one am looking forward to Prometheus (or Alien 5 perhaps).
I'm not fussed with the new batman, but not doubt it will be good.
MiB3 I just *hope* will be good, but from the looks of the trailer, it won't.

You may notice that the movies I list are all action. As i'm now starting to get on in years I find I don't have the time for anything other than what I know I like in terms of genres. I wish it wasn't the case, but I'm a busy guy, and as such need my entertainment fast, in my face and to be dismissed just as easily so I can continue with the work at hand.

I'm not certain when this changed, but for now this is how it is.

MI: Ghost Protocol was fantastic btw.

A shout out to a couple of websites that I need to bring attention to:
Digital Message Board
Photo Booth
Both are after bookings (it doesn't really matter which one you use) and so if you have an event from Party, Birthday wedding or corporate give them a go, they are proving very popular, but no harm in trying to drum up more business :)

Right then, on with the list :)

Mouse Ball

Rock of Ages

err, grandma

Why didn't I get one of these whilst at college.
The Drunk Keyhole

Actually plays this better than some adults

I couldn't watch this, it made me feel queezy (I'm not keen on heights):

Sweet Flying

Creepy Cat (this really does give me the shudders)

Most of the 'best of 2011' links are frankly rubbish, but this one I found the time for.
All I can say is Number 6 touched a nerve.
imgur's Best of 2011

Lets finish with a song, or more acurately, Azealia Banks.
The song has explicit lyrics so be warned. NSFW

Game, Spock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard.
Scissors cuts paper covers rock crushes lizard poisons spock smashes scissors decapitates lizard eats paper disproves spock vaporises rock crushes scissors.

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