Busy February list

28th Feb 2012 · · Link ·

Been a busy 2012 so far especially as my new years resolution was to try and post more lists.
Sorry about that.

I'll get straight to it with the goodness then:

Great Song, and it's made number one in the UK:

Click the woman (This was much better before google blurred it out!)

I've no idea where I happened on this but it's actually quite amusing (NSFW)
The Vagina Song

Jet Set Willy.
I never could complete the game, and now I understand why, it had bugs in it. This brought back many memories :)

Cat Wheel

Very Good Photos

Keep watching, it's sort of mesmorizing, not to mention the work that went into it.
Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix)

Most Vulgar Character Ever, or this one or this one.

This is very nice. Erik Bauersfeld.
You get a million kudos points if you recognise that name. Amazingly he has never actually seen the film.

"So if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make a sound?"

"Yes you self centered bastard, it's not all about your perception of our reality".

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Busy February list
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