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26th Nov 2012 · · Link ·

In my line of work we at the office have to send out various items throughout the world (cool eh).
So after 3 or 4 large courier companies come in for a few meetings and after dismissing a couple for being totally inept we finally settle on UPS.

They pick up the large pallet (just slightly smaller than a old School Mini I might add) and promptly lose it.

Not en route, but at the first depot they take it too. Took them two days to find it. Now these things happen, but to happen on the first pickup and to ring us to tell us that it's been lost and they can't find it so it won't be delivered is a bit off.

Then to tell us it was in the USA.
Then to revise that and tell us it is on it's way to Brazil.

And finally to tell us they found it, in the depot where it should have been.

UPS (more than likely the UK division) you are muppets.

Onwards with the list:

Many dislike him, but i've seen him live and he is very clever, very quick and captivates the audience (honestly give him a chance).
This is pure comedy gold:
Russell Brand interviews Two members of the Westboro Baptist Church

This intrigued me at first, then really pissed me off (probably because I'm working with green screen myself).
It's seemingly done with green screen not the proposed LG Screens.

Apparently the new Susan Boyle album has the twitter hashtag of
I really hope that's true as it's the funniest thing i've seen in ages.


Warning: NSFW Language, but very amusing.
Why Doesn't MTV show Music Videos Anymore

Final Thought.
This will be no doubt dated very quickly, but i'm somewhat excited to see the NASA news about the Curiosity Rover.

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