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Now Nicki Minaj gets a bad press online, they say her music is rubbish etc etc blah blah blah. Now personally I like the songs she has done, they are catchy, to the point and definitely good for listening too whilst waiting for things.

Anyhoo, this is so cute to see a little girls dream come true.

I've always been a big fan of Superman, from the time in the cinema when I was young seeing 'Coming Soon Superman III' and standing up and proclaiming very loudly 'Look Superman One Hundred and Eleven' up until the last instalment I've always loved the character. This one looks quite dark in comparison to the others, i'll hold my judgement until the next trailer comes out:

Quite fascinating that this photographer (Francois Brunelle) seeks out unrelated people who look like each other.
Unrelated Photography.

Lego is the best company in the world.

Hey Sexy Lady

Nobody asked for it, nobody wants it, it drives you crazy, and it's very strange. And so because of all that.
Inky Dinky

Wong on so many levels

Thought of the day.
If Spiderman were more accurate he'd shoot webs from his arse.

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