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4th Feb 2013 · · Link ·

I play a game when i'm out getting my shopping where I put down my shopping on the Checkout and don't put a 'Next Customer Please' divider between mine and the next persons shopping.

I put my items about 1 foot from the person in front and see who flinches first. So far i'm 14 to the good whereas i've got to the checkout lady with no 'Next Customer' having been touched. Whereas i'm 8 to the bad where the person in front has on one occasion asked me to put one down (I obliged, i'm not weird after all) and on another occasion they've reached across and slammed one down in between the food items (this is quite amusing as it either baffles the checkout lady and people around, or they look at me with utter disgust for not doing it myself).

So, join with me in the 'Next Customer Please' defiance game.

Listy Wisty Time.

Not Keen on Logitech's New Keyboard

I new it, Katy Perry Without Makeup is….

What Camera do you use?

Primer, many have seen it, many more have seen it numerous times.
Primer explained is just about the best explanation i've read.

Whilst lots of companies paid lots and lots of money for SuperBowl Ad's one design agency got more publicity for an opportunist Tweet during the power outage at the Super Bowl. My hats go off to them.

For those who watched the Super Bowl adverts the GoDaddy advert where a 'nerd' kisses a hot girl features This Guy. Who seemingly is the worlds biggest Extra!

Two Songs this week, this beautiful song:
Jessie Ware - If You're Never Gonna Move

And The Rascal :) (Explicit)
Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie.
it is rude, it's a good song, but it's also funny :)

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