Post Halloween Opanoid List

31st Oct 2013 · · Link ·

Straight to it, i'm a busy man :)

A 7 foot Clown single Royals (by Lorde) - This is genius, unless you don't like clowns, then it's creepy.

Got a Bike, Riding a night might become easier in the UK.

Scared People - Or people who have just seen Carrot Top.

Genius Song
Perfect Day

And frankly so is this.
Berzerk - Eminem

Animaniacs - Yakko's World.

Late for Meeting - No I've no idea either, but it really freaked me out.

Dictionary Corner (or end of article, whatever you prefer).
Nepotism - is favouritism granted in politics or business to relatives regardless of merit. The term originated with the assignment of nephews to cardinal positions by Catholic popes and bishops. Nepotism is found in the fields of politics, entertainment, business and religion.

Finally end on a joke.
What do you call a guy with a really small penis?
Justin Beaver

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Post Halloween Opanoid List
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